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Trauma Therapy

and Clinical Supervision

Compassion, Healing, Growth

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About Therapy

If you've faced hardship in your life, you've also found ways to cope, adapt, and get through. But with time, these coping strategies can begin to hold you back. Things like avoidance, numbing, perfectionism, and worry can make day-to-day life exhausting. Struggling with low self-esteem, poor body image, anxiety, depression, or relationship issues can make it feel like the life you want is out of reach.

Therapy is a powerful agent of healing and change, where we work together to increase your self-awareness, insight, and self-compassion. When you understand yourself and your history more fully and begin to direct patience and kindness inwards, healing naturally follows and lifestyle changes become easier to carry out.

I mainly use Internal Family Systems in my work, and also incorporate EMDR (in which I am certified), Relational Psychotherapy, somatic approaches, and attachment theory to help you change how you feel toward, and ultimately how you treat, yourself and others. This is long-term work that seeks to make a deep and lasting impact on your life.

For many years I have worked with adults (18+) who've experienced trauma, especially abuse and neglect in childhood. I've also worked extensively with queer and trans folks through issues such as coming out, transitioning, and self-acceptance. In addition, I've worked in several university settings supporting students and the unique challenges they face.

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About Me

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I've been practicing psychotherapy since 2014 and feel deeply passionate about this work and the clients I serve. I've greatly benefited and continue to grow from my own personal therapy, and am constantly learning and updating my therapeutic skills. I also regularly consult with trusted colleagues.

Prior to my career in psychotherapy, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and was heavily involved in queer, activist, and literary communities. I remain invested in social justice and the arts and identify as queer. 

I know that engaging in this kind of healing work can feel vulnerable, especially if you experience any kind of marginalization, and I endeavor to make the experience feel as safe as possible. 

The following is a list of trainings I've completed that have most influenced how I work:

- Internal Family Systems Level 1 with IFS Institute (2024)

- IFS-Informed EMDR with Bruce Hersey (2022)

- IFS 6-Month Online Circle Program  with IFS Institute (2022)

- Trauma and Internal Family Systems with Richard C. Schwartz (2021)

- IFS: Treating Relational and Complex Trauma with Frank Anderson (2019)

- EMDR Basic Training with Niagara Stress and Trauma Clinic (2020)

- Level 1 with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (2017)

- Level 1 with Emotion Focused Therapy Clinic (2015)

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About Supervision

I offer clinical supervision to therapists who are registered with, or working toward being registered with, the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I have met the criteria laid out by the CRPO to provide supervision, including completing 30 hours of supervision training and working in the field for more than five years.

My style of supervision is non-judgmental and supportive, with an emphasis on theory and skills, as well as the self-awareness and personal development of the clinician (e.g. exploring what comes up for you that might be getting in the way of doing your best work). Aside from the modalities I mention on this website, I broadly identify with the Existential-Humanistic branch of psychotherapy, with a generous dose of Psychodynamic mixed in. Though I'm familiar with many cognitive and behavioral modalities, I do not personally feel aligned with this way of working. If what I've said resonates with you, I invite you to reach out.

(Please note that I cannot provide a placement setting at this time, but can provide off-site supervision to a placement student, or supervision for those who have completed their placement hours and are working toward independent practice.)

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Fees & Policies

I charge $160 for a 50 minute psychotherapy appointment or a 50 minute supervision session, and I accept payment by e-transfer at the beginning of each meeting.

I provide receipts which you can submit to your insurance provider if they cover Registered Psychotherapists. I recommend checking with your provider in advance.

I ask for at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellations, otherwise I charge the regular appointment fee.

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Contact Me

*I am only providing virtual appointments at this time.*

Please contact me to book a free 15 minute phone consultation.

My work hours are Monday-Thursday 12 PM-6:15 PM ET. I will respond to messages during these times.

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